Creating Structures That Last

The Three Ds of Water Management

Deflection. Drainage. Drying. These are the basics of water management. Deflect water wherever possible. Make sure water can drain. And make provisions to quickly dry the areas that do get wet. Choosing Elevations ensures a structure that lasts, a guarantee that water issues are properly addressed prior to installation of any new exterior siding, roofing system, windows or doors.

  1. Unlike ordinary house wraps, Elevations increases the performance of your home with our proprietary E-Drop house wrap, featuring built-in channels that drain water and maintain space for air movement. Also, the E-Drop house wrap reduces air infiltration to encourage more efficient heating and cooling throughout your home.
  2. Elevations uses E-Flash membrane tape around window and door seals to provide a superior weather tight barrier against wind and the elements. This proprietary process ensures the longevity of your new windows and doors while further providing optimal energy efficiency inside your home.
  3. Have masonry or stucco in mind for your new exterior? Get added protection with our exclusive E-Drainage Board. Known for its excellent thermal insulation properties, E-Drainage Board provides an additional barrier against moisture infiltration.


Virtually every major exterior home improvement Chicago homeowners choose to invest in is necessitated by the extremes of Chicagos punishing weather. Consider this partial list of contributing factors:

  • Drafts and leaks
  • Moisture and mold
  • Fading colors
  • Disintegrating roofs and siding
  • Extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • Soaring energy bills

That’s why Elevations developed WeatherEzation our exclusive process of sealing the building envelope.

We believe that Windy City residents deserve the ultimate in harsh weather protection to elevate the performance and extend the lifetime of siding, windows, doors, and roofing systems. You should have the choice to invest in a remodeling project because you want to, not because your home “can’t take the heat.”

Elevations considered all the elemental effects, established a set of best practices and installation guidelines, and then searched the industry for beautiful building materials that withstand extreme environmental conditions. The result is WeatherEzation, a design consideration far more rigorous than any competitor’s.