Keeping your dreams within your means.

At Elevations, we believe that every successful project starts with a plan and budget. Especially today, when funding choices have narrowed, we understand how important financing can be to help make your home improvement possible.

We trust and recommend Lamb Financial, a licensed mortgage banker whose specialists work exclusively with our clients in putting together the right funding options. This can make all the difference in affordability and comfort.

Let Elevations relieve you of the hassles associated with shopping for a competitive loan. We’d be happy to prepare a customized financing scenario for you at no cost and no obligation. Our exclusive As Complete mortgage offering allows you to borrow today against the future value of your home. You may qualify to utilize up to 100% of what your renovated home will be worth. This program makes renovations available to homeowners of all budget levels. When you can realize future equity immediately, you’ll find that the cost of improvements is well within reach without the need to compromise.

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*Lamb Finanical is an Illinois Residential Mortgage Broker