Wheaton Exterior Makeover

Elevating The Home To Your Status

After many years, the windows and siding could no longer be repaired. It was time for new energy efficient windows and new siding. The front door needed to be replaced and the Georgian style home did not provide any protection at the entrance. The client saw an Elevations project and realized that there might be an opportunity to take care of the deferred maintenance and change the look of the home at the same time.

The siding on the front elevation was replaced with thin brick, including rowlock and keystone details

A stately portico with an arched wood ceiling was constructed over the front door. This created protection for the entry and provided a focal point for the front of the house.

A new fiberglass entry and a new garage door with a row of windows completed the new face of the home.

Energy efficient wood windows were installed throughout the house, and insulated vinyl siding in a warm earthtone completed the remaining exterior transformation.

The Elevations designers helped the client select an appropriate energy efficient wood window and went to work with the team to create a new look. The front elevation was changed to a rich red brick, and a stately portico was constructed over the new front door. For the side and rear elevations, a premium insulated vinyl siding was selected for both aesthetic qualities and energy efficiency.