CurbEppeal Process

There’s curb appeal, and then there’s “Will you look at that!”

When you decided to enhance your home’s exterior, was your goal to throw something together or did you envision something big? Elevations believes you want your home to transcend any words that might describe it. Our job is to feel the same way. That’s how we go beyond curb appeal and bring CurbEppeal to Chicagoland neighborhoods one well-deserving home at a time.

We begin your project even before our first appointment together, gathering information about working in your neighborhood, including local zoning regulations, permit requirements, and product options that might work well for your needs.

Then, we meet at your home for a conversation between you and an Elevations exterior renovation specialist. Our specialists are thoroughly versed in every aspect of exterior renovation and remodeling. Yours will act as your confidant and consultant from beginning to end.

At that meeting, we will explore all aspects of your project, including product selection, timeframes, budgetary considerations and financing options. From there, with your permission, we’ll roll up our sleeves and get to work.

We obtain and process all required permits, purchase materials, select the construction personnel, schedule the work and supervise all activity on the job site. In addition to your exterior renovation specialist, youll also benefit from the services of a personal construction manager and an in-office service representative who, as a team, will keep you apprised of the projects status and answer any questions you may have.

When the project is completed, well perform a thorough cleanup of your property, take you on a walk-through to give you the opportunity inspect our work and make sure it meets your satisfaction before we’ve moved on to the next project. Even after completion, Elevations stays with you for the next 10 years. With our 24/7 customer service and 10-year installation warranty, you can be sure that we take your satisfaction to heart.

Our exclusive CurbEppeal process is the most customer-friendly construction experience youll find in the exterior remodeling business today. Which is exactly what we believe every customer is entitled to when they choose Elevations.